Positano Travel Guide

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I had to wear my new handmade sandals in the sand because it was SO hot!

It’s not every day you get to travel around the world to see things you have never seen, in places you never thought you could have been, right? Especially when you are only 22 years old. Three weeks ago I traveled to 5 different countries, around 13 different cities in less than 3 weeks. One of those places was Positano, Italy.

How WE got to/from there:

  1. Ferry Boat! We arrived on the quick ferry boat from the city of Sorrento just around the bend. Positano is a city in the Amalfi Coast, located on the southwestern coast of Italy on the Tyrrhenian Sea. And WOW was it stunning. We docked and went to find our hotel located on the famous hill in Positano. We didn’t know there was a street, so Connor ended up walking up over 200 large steps with our luggage. (Sorry about that C!)
  2. Car! So you can definitely take a car ride from the city of Sorrento, but if you get car sick easily, I would avoid it. We took a private car from Positano to Pompeii, and I have a pretty good stomach for boats and cars and just motion in general, and even I was starting to get a little nauseous. I can’t imagine how Connor was feeling. Our driver was great, so it wasn’t that- it’s just you’re constantly going around bends and curves along the coast!

Anyway, we explored the area a bit, walking through the majority of the town by ourselves. It was so much fun! I wish we could have explored more, but the city itself is actually quite small.

Drink + Watch

Eating at Caffe Positano! Watch is linked below! 

Where WE ate:

  1. Caffe Positano:  We ate here first! This is where I got the best view for the photo of my Daniel Wellington Watch and wonderful glass of rosé. We split a Caprese salad and each had a glass of wine to cool off. Such a wonderful little spot with a great view!
  2. Il Tridente: Il Tridente is a restaurant located within the Hotel Poseidon Positano. I ordered the fish of the day, and Connor got the buffalo mozzarella stuffed ravioli. Both were absolutely amazing! We split a bottle of the house red wine as well. Definitely worth trying!
  3. Pizza for Take Away: Guys I am kicking myself over the name this place but I cannot remember or find it! It was right on the waterfront, and we got pizza to go! We walked around the town as we ate at night and just wandered. It was a total blast, the pizza was cheap, and sooo so so good!

Now, I don’t know about your vacay’s- but mine have to include a good bar at this point… which brings me to my next, very important subject:

Where WE drank:

  1. (Night 1) Francos Bar: O. M. G. Please do not get me started on this bar. Franco’s is a bar affiliated with Le Sirenuse hotel, one of the most famous- if not most famous- hotels in the city. It was absolutely stunning! If you saw my insta-story at the time I went- you were lucky. We were treated with the upmost importance, and had wonderful, wonderful drinks there. I had a Peach Bellini, and Connor ordered a La Dolce Vita, which was Bombay Gin, Pomegranate, Lime, and Prosecco! Music was blasting, people were chatting on the rooftop, and the view was insanely beautiful.
  2. (Night 2) Il Tridente: Pause. We got the most AMAZING Lemonchello Spritzes here! (After dinner) They also had chocolate covered orange peels (literally so amazing) and Cocoa powdered, chocolate covered nuts as little treats! Guys, no joke. They had the sweetest staff and there was a live guitarist playing from when we sat down to dinner until after we had left! It was so unbelievably beautiful.
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Francos Bar at Sunset! Dress is linked below! 

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Il Tridente (I wish you could see how beautiful the view was!) Dress is linked below!

What WE did: 

  1. The BEACH: We spent one full day at the beach in Positano. It was around 20€ each for beachfront seats (so worth it). Bring your own towels, bottle of wine (or two) and lots of sunscreen! The rocky sand was so hot you could barely stand on it without frying your feet off. Luckily the water was ice cold- so it was so refreshing after sweating in the beach chairs! The payment comes with a waiter service, so we had buckets of ice on our order every few minutes to keep our wine chilled and ready for a drink. (HINT: I ordered a Lemonchello Granita, sort of like a lemon icee, and poured my rosé into the same cup on accident, and my life has never been the same.)
    I wish we could have taken a boat out or went paddle boarding to the secret beach around the corner, but you know what they say: time flies when you’re having fun.

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Oversee of Positano

Overall, the trip was so unbelievably unreal. I had the most amazing time with the most amazing person, and 3 days, 2 nights was enough time in my opinion. I wouldn’t mind if I had to visit again… So, whose taking me next?

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