I Tried ROMWE So You Wouldn’t Have To

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For everyone who isn’t a six-figure-a-year-blogger, we have got to stay on trend somehow too… right?

Today I am doing a quick round up of some items I got in the mail from ROMWE. This post is in no way sponsored! I chose a couple of things I thought would serve me well over the next couple months. There are definitely some hits, but definitely some misses.

Let’s just start this rant, if you all don’t mind me. (For reference, I am 5’9 130)

  1. Drop Shoulder Boxy Sheer Mesh Top – Um, yes. I have been looking everywhere for a slouchy, comfortable black mesh shirt. I was at first thinking a bodysuit would be cute for going out to the bars or downtown, but I actually can wear this kind of shirt more places than just out! I love the slouchy shoulders, and it’s just the perfect amount of “oversized” on me! The quality was surprisingly good for the price.
    I got a size MEDIUM. On top of that, it’s only $4.80.… ok bye.
  2. Gingham Print Cami Dress – Another HIT! I am so so so so happy about this dress. Long story short, I wanted to see if this kind of dress cut looked good on my body type. So I can order one that I know will be good quality! I am a huge fan of Shift items, and this was almost the same cut, just more fitted. It’s like, boxy-fit… is that a thing? Either way- the quality is alright, I mean you get what you pay for. Not great, but I was ordering for future reference for a great quality dress! This piece is so easy to dress up and dress down, if you’re looking for something easy, I would suggest this dress.
    I got a size LARGE in this dress, and so glad I did. This thing runs SO small.($12.99)
  3. Choker V-Neck Drop Shoulder Print Tee – Moving right along. I am so interested by this shirts material. I’m not sure if I love it- or hate it. It’s 95% polyester, but I definitely thought it was going to be cotton. Oh well! I’m still diggin’ it! It is a cool piece, I am thinking on pairing it with mega distressed jeans, or lace up pants? Not sure yet. Simple black oversized band-tee deal you are working with.
    I ordered a size SMALL in this shirt- and it’s still “size large looking”. Super big! ($15.60)

  4. Black Lace Patchwork Hollow Back Cami Top – HIT. For some reason I thought this shirt was going to be more silky, but it is polyester too (except for the lace part). I actually really love this shirt. I knotted the bottom and wore it with high waisted jeans, and it is the perfect way to sexy-up a mom look, while feeling comfortable. Best of both worlds, right? I could wear this shirt to the park, bars, or bed. That’s the kind of shirt I will always be on the lookout for.
    I ordered a size SMALL, and it’s true to size, in my opinion. ($5.99)

  5. Yellow Contrast Top Bar Aviator Sunglasses – Hmm, maybe my least favorite thing in the bunch. I have been looking for a good pair of cheap yellow aviators because they are definitely a trend, but will not be in for long. They are a little cheap, but heavy enough for the price. They are fully metal, no covers over the tips of the bars, so it’s a little strange, but I guess that is the look too. Not my favorite, but still will wear them around. ($7.99)

  6. Red Oval Shaped Flat Lens Sunglasses – YEP. Another hit. I’m crazy for these! They are so cool and retro. I think the quality is pretty good according to the price, too! They are very different than any of my other sunglasses. They really change an outfits look. I would wear these with that boxy-fit gingham dress no doubt! ($7.99)
  7. Crochet Trim Blue Bikini Set – Skirrrrt. Avoid this. I ordered a size medium and I am spilling out of this. The quality was initially decent, but I threw it in the washer and dryer and I couldn’t even put it on afterword. I wish I could have. It’s a great dupe. Oh, and the elastic detailing started to come apart from the fake-neoprene, so I was literally spilling out.
    Again, I ordered a size medium. ($17.99)

  8. Contrast Stripe Ring Zip Up Ribbed Cami Top –  Well, it’s for sure a retro Tommy Hilfiger look-alike. I don’t mind this shirt at all. A pair of light wash jeans and my Tommy elastic sneakers would look so cute! Maybe even those red sunglasses again… It’s one size, so it doesn’t have much room for me to say anything. I think I have a longer torso, so it’s like an elongated crop top on me. 9/10! ONE SIZE ($6.40)

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Okay enough from me.

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