Fall Basics

Public Service Announcement: Basics are a NECESSARY. (and cheap)

I used to be sooo into patterns and bright colors.. to the point where I didn’t own a black v-neck, or even just a plain white tee. A pair of denim and a solid tee has been my fall uniform this far (and most likely forever will be). However, basics don’t have to be boring, especially if you find the right ones for the right price. This tee is one of my favorite burgundy/wine colored tees and I found it for 12 bucks at my local Marshalls. I have linked a ton of my favorite basics, allllll within college-friendly budget. Just pair with Fryes, Combats, Hunters, Vans, Converse, wait I can go forever. This outfit goes with every shoe/pant/skirt combo you already have in your closet.

Thanks for the pics Savannah!


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Bye babes,

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