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Helloooo friends!

Here we are, another Christmas season upon us. I have been shopping for my brothers and all of my guy friends for nearly my whole life- but this year is kind of the year where my family and friends wont give gag-gifts (does this mean I’m old af?).

Money is about to be spent out the WAZZ- but I’m kind of the queen of sales. I linked below theĀ bestĀ guy gifts for any men in your life, from your family- to your boyfriend. Have the best time saving money and giving THE most wonderful gifts.

(You know who you are, and I know you’re reading- but hey, if you see something you like- let a girl know.)

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Shop With Me: Urban Outfitters

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Helloooo friends.

Here’s a new type of post I’m going to be working on starting now! I had a ton of you vote on an Instagram Poll that you would be interested in a fall post re: my favorites. You can click on each picture below to take you DIRECTLY to the site and product you see.

For this first #shopwithme, I went through the Urban Outfitters site, and I loveddddd these products. They always come out with the best stuff, I swear. If you want an updated one when winter comes around, just let me know! You can always reach me via Instagram.

Have fun shopping!

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